Monday, April 5, 2010

1/64 Kyosho 430 Challenge Hamann Style

I used 1/64 F430 Coupe transkit to customize F430 Challenge Black of Kyosho. The model car presents different appearance after the customization. This car features a new wing, new rims and pieces under the hood and chassiss. I give 70 marks for the effort because it was the first time and few glue marks were left on the car body. When the next long holiday comes, I will perform the customization on my spare F430 Challenge Black and 430 Scuderia Blue. Currently, I need find 1/64 430-series Kyosho in the market for practice.

Friday, April 2, 2010

1/64 Kyosho Ferrari Enzo Red 1 of 1000 pieces

When I found this auction in Yahoo Japan Auction, I had "Oh my God" and "Holy Shxt" in my head. The bidding price is utterly ridiculous but I admire the determination and size of the wallet of the bidders.

This has to one of the rarest and expensive model car in the history of 1/64 Kyosho diecast but its true value is hard to measure because it is made to commemorate the production milestone of Kyosho company.

If the price is not that insane, I probably join the contest and try to win it back to HK. Well, I have to stay on the side this time and wish the best man win.