Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reveal the reason of low quality of British Car 2

I had a chat with my buddy on the phone and he said there is a reason behind the poor quality of this series. Kyosho moved the factories to another location in Mainland China to cut cost. The factories have never produced any Kyosho diecast models before and British Car 2 is the first series the workers assemble in production lines. The QC workers are not very well-trained; they could not identify the defective cars and take them out. Therefore, we see so many damaged cars being sold in ebay.

He speculated the quality of the diecast models will remain terrible for at least one year and warned me to make small order for future releases.

I guess I will not import too many box sets of BMW Series 2.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kyosho British Car 2 series fall off heaven

I was extremely excited when British Car 2 arrived to my place last week. However, excitement quickly turned into rage, disappointment and shock due to poor quality of diecast models.
Around 10% of the models are defective, I leave them in my personal scrap heap, wonder how they pass the quality control of Kyosho factories and get into my own two hands. Some of them are famous cars such as McLaren F1 GTR 1995 Silver, McLaren F1 Green, Jaguar XJR9 (Test Car and no. 1) and DBR9 Racing Green (yellow face). They once have potential value, now worth nothing in my eyes. I must perform thorough checking before shipping british car to customers; having the correct card, correct description on the base, no loose parts and no paint chip. I feel like a better person knowing the other parties receive my items with decent quality.