Sunday, March 15, 2009

The afterthought of CMS Subaru STI Impreza Collection

I imported a full set 1/64 CMS Subaru Impreza STI Collection from Japan yesterday and it is a long story. When I first read about this collection in a Japan online shop, I gave a loud groan and hit my head on my desk. Subaru again? No Porsche, no Honda? Did CMS read my blog entry?I told myself, "Give CMS the benefit of the doubt, the photographs of the STI Impreza could be beautiful."

After seeing the first 14 pictures, I groaned again because they are nice but not special. I was thinking to myself, "14 down and 2 to go; then I can kiss this set goodbye.". Then, CMS threw me a curveball. The 15th and 16th model cars in the collection are STI Impreza GRB Blue Mica and GRB Pearl Black, nice change and two bright spots in the collection.

I ordered a set because of the GRB and I was ready to eat the other 14 model cars for dinner if they have no takers. The GRB model cars do not disappoint, they are excellent work: brilliant metallic paint and fine interior details.

This experience tells me one thing: CMS throws in few good cars with average ones and expects vendors to pay for them. The good cars sell for good price but we are stuck with the bad ones.

CMS employs the same practice with the new Subaru WRC set (June, 2009). Of the 15 cars, at least 12 are old cars along with Impreza WRC 2007 Mexico and Impreza WRC 2008 Japan.

This is a scary trend and I pray it will stop someday.

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