Friday, February 13, 2009

1/64 CMS Special Dealership Set

I don't know if there are Japanese diecast companies other than CMS Corporation that sell 1/64 special dealership sets. I have to say CMS have done an excellent job with them as the model cars are in fine detail with realistic sponsership logos and stickers. So far, CMS have manufactured five special dealership sets; three Suzuki SX4, one Mitsubishi set and one Subaru. In my opinion, the last Suzuki SX4 set is close to perfect but it can change with Nissan set that is due to release in March.

The set is comprised of Nissan Datsun Violet and 200SX and I am particularly intrigued by the 200SX piece. It is because the new 200SX has different paint than the counterpart in SS.14 and this one actually looks cooler. On the other hand, the new Datsun Violet bears strong resemblance to the counterpart in Nissan series. This will be the last complain you hear from me because I am glad that the company finally makes new Nissan diecasts since fall 2007, the time Nissan series was out in the market.

Nissan Set (Violet and 200SX)

I do not understand why CMS keeps producing Subaru, Citreon and Lancia because they are very saturated in the market and I am actually bored with them. I pray CMS will continuously delivery sexy diecasts to their fans who have been following them for years.

CMS, if you can hear me, let make Porshe rally cars or Honda rally cars.


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  2. Yeah we wan porsche , Honda , mini cooper rally car