Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Porsche Series 3 will be released in Feb 17, 2009.

I am so excited.
Last month, I found out that Kyosho will release Porsche Series 3 in February 17. This series is a definite upgrade of Sport USA collection and F1-McLaren collection. Of the 30 cars, my favorites are 911 GT3 RS and 936, especially 936. Two of the three 936 cars are race cars with Martini printed on car body; the third one is test car in pure white. I am surprised to see the re-release of 911 Turbo in this series, wonder what the manufacture year of this real car was. When they are out in the market, I do not think I can keep my eyes off them. Everything is cool with the series but I am not cool with the price due to high Japanese Yen exchange rate.

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