Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - find gems in Japan

Happy Easter, everybody.

I have a fantastic Easter weekend in terms of finding affordable 1/64 diecast models in Japan.
Yesterday, I won a full set of BMW (26 pcs), a full set of Lamborghini II (30 pcs), 27 pieces of Porsche I (without Carrera RS Red and Carrera RS blue) and CMS Colin McRae Memorial I (8 pcs).

One can say I had a busy Saturday night watching four auctions ending around the same time. I had to regularly jump from page to page to check I was the top bidder. I almost lost the BMW auction but I outbade another bidder at the last minute, so everything was rosy at the end.

I just wait three weeks for them to ship to Hong Kong, examine their quality and count items.
I was cheated in my Mercedes Benz set because the other party did not sell Sauber C9 #61 and #62 as promised but offered Sauber C9 #63 and 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II Green to me instead.

If the transaction goes smoothly, I will post pictures of BMW in my blog in early May. I hope I do not drool on 3.5CSL #59 and #25 when they are on my palms.

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