Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kyosho Lamborghini 1

I would like to introduce my latest Kyosho acquistion to this day - 20 pieces of 1/64 Kyosho Lamborghini 1. This is so surreal to me because they are so rare in ebay and Hong Kong. When I could not find any in my trip to Japan last year, I was disappointed but understanable because the series was released many years ago.
This is not a complete set but the collection is still impressive: (How many people can say they have all 24 pieces?)

miura SV orange
miura SV green
urraco purple
urraco red
countach LP400 yellow
countach LP400 orange
jota svr black
jota svr red
countach LP5000S red
countach LP5000S black
countach LP5000S white
diablo red
diablo white
diablo black
diablo gtr white
diablo gtr yellow
diablo gtr orange
murcielago orange
murcielago green
murcielago yellow

Diablo GTR (all three colors) and Uraco purple are mine but the others are for sale.

P.S. I don't know who reads my blog but I need some inputs here. In a perfect world, what kind of Kysoho or CMS model car you would like to have, please write to me and let me know. If a particular series has garnered a lot of supporters, I do my best to get it from Japan.

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